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Monitoring an openjdk11 application


we have dynatrace-agent- installed and were using the same to monitor JDK8 applications. From the time we have migrated the application to openjdk11 the agent is not shown in the "AgentOverview" tab in Dynatrace client. Though could see that there are no errors in the dynatrace-agent log or any errors in launching the JVM still the monitoring does not start. Does the mentioned verison support openjdk11, if not which version should we upgrade to ? will the upgrade involve upgrade of the server as well ?


I'm sure that openjdk is supported by oneagent in dynatrace, so it is chance that it should work with appmon agent because both uses simmular technologies.

Here we have only info about version of openjdk 7+ so there is no info about version 11. I think someone from dynatrace should say something about it.