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Monitoring communication between PHP and MongoDB (ext-mongodb)


I am running a trial of Dynatrace APM, and so far the only thing of significance that is entirely missing is a possibility to see MongoDB queries (or any MongoDB communication) between PHP (including PHP-FPM) and MongoDB server.

On the other hand, Dynatrace PHP agent extension support some other database-related extensions, such as PDO, mysqli, postgresql... I'm looking at this page as a reference: Supported technologies and versions

Is there a possibility to have ext-mongodb (php7+) and ext-mongo (php5) supported?

Best regards,



You havve to post reference for Dynatrace and asking for Appmon.

Here are detailed informations about Appmon sensor pack. About mobgodb I think there is no solution because such sensor pack is missing. You can always post RFE for such technology support.


Thank you, @sebastian k.

By the way, do you know is it possible to develop custom sensors?

There is no documentation for such operation. You have option to define custom sensor but it is generally for your application code (via sensor tab in system profile), but it is rather for your application codes, not for PHP extensions.