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Monitoring of IBM WebSphere MQ


Can somebody please clarify how agents are deployed to IBM WebSphere MQ? The product compatibility documentation states that IBM WebSphere MQ 6 and 7 are supported in AppMon 6.5, but I do not see any reference to this product in the Application Integration section of the documentation... there is a link to information on how to integrate with WebSphere Message Broker and another with information on how to integrate with WebSphere Application Server, but no link related specifically to IBM WebSphere MQ. A further question is whether there are any plans to support monitoring of IBM WebSphere MQ 8 in a future version of AppMon?



Hello Jeff,

Basically the DCRUM offers to monitor the WebSphere MQ with a dedicated IBM MQ analyzer which provides us the timeouts, queue and operation name formatting, as well as limiting of reported operations.

Have a look on the following link for better understanding.

In the AppMon you can use the below IBM MQ Queue Channel Monitoring Plugin.



Thanks for the reply, but I am specifically interested in using an AppMon agent and not a plugin or DCRUM.

Hello Jeff,

There is no agent for the IBM WebSphere MQ except the WebSphere MQ (MQSeries) sensor which captures PUT and GET queue operations when accessing WebSphere MQ using the WebSphere MQ-Classes for Java.

AppMon offers the agent for the enterprise service bus IBM Integration Bus (version 9 going forward) was formerly known as WebSphere Message Broker (up to version 8).



I am confused then as to why IBM WebSphere MQ 6, 7 is listed as supported if there is no agent that can be deployed on this product.... it sounds like you are saying that there is some MQ classes that could be monitored if they are used on a supported application server type, such as WebLogic or WAS, but no way of monitoring IBM WebSpher MQ itself...

Hello Jeff,

I don't want to confuse you more 🙂

Have a look on the below links:



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jeff,

we have an IIS / MQ Broker agent that you can use to instrument the message brokers:

The client and server sides are then handled by the java (respectively zos) agents that Babar mentioned.

Is there aanother part of the MQ infrastructure that you would like to monitor? Best regards,