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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Monitoring third party API


Our webapp uses several third-party API calls directly from the user browser. Of course we can't install an agent in the third party servers so we can only use UEM to monitor them.

How can we define measures to have statistics for each API methods?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Have you defined that particular API within your system profile? If you were to do that you could create measures based off that and take advantage of our API breakdown dashlet. Here is a link to the API breakdown Dashlet for reference. API Breakdown


I was talking about external supplier API, like Facebook API, Janrain, Apigee.

Some of the services for our customers are implemented by third parties. We need to monitor if our customers experience is good but we don't have access to these third parties servers. In the User Action Purepaths dashboard, in the lower panel, I can see the calls to these services but I don't know how to create measures on them.


Hello Cristian,

There are some measures that you can define via the system profile settings that should help you in this situation.

If you edit the system profile -> measures -> create measure -> search for third party. You will see two measures that will help you to track the third party contributions to your web page.

Third party content count - Represents the count of third party resources during a user action.

Third party content load time - Represents the duration of third party content during a user action.

There is also an out of the box business transaction called: Page actions by Third Party Hotspot.

Hope that helps,

David Nicholls


Thanks for your answers but I need to monitor every API methods. I'll try to explain with an example.

My system is

The browser uses:

  • ...

I need stats for each method because site-a is for us a gateway to several distinct service providers that must be monitored individually. I already tried to use the third party measures but they have filters on the host only and, you understand, it's not enough.

I can see every distinct calls in the user action pure path details pane but I don't know how to calculate statistics on them. Must I use the ADK and the custom events?


Search the URL's of Third party API in the Web Request (User actions) , you can get in Purepath. Then right click on the URL in purepath create custom measure "WebRequest - URI" and add this measure in BT to track these 3rd party URLS. Hope it helps!!


Soorya Mohan

Hi Soorya,

Third party calls from the browser do not create any Web Request or PurePath since they do not hit the monitored servers on the first party domain, but go to external domains not controlled by the first party.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Cristian,

I would suggest that you open an enhancement request to get more fine grained filters (other than just host) on the third party calls. Currently, these measures are limited to host, resource type and resource state filtering.



Hi Dave,

so you confirm that there is no way at the moment. I wasn't very lucky so far with the enhancement requests so I may try using the ADK and custom events


Hi Dave-

We have similar situation where we include third component directly on the web page using CORS call. These components not only generate resource calls during page load but user can perform additional transactions which results in XHR calls. ex:- Chat component

We are using DT SaaS and My question is

1) How can we track these third party resource calls and XHR calls to track success/failure, volume, respone time. I see resource calls are tracked (everything together though) but not these kind of XHR calls.

2) How can we generate report and alerts on these third party resource and XHR calls.