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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Moving App Mon server installation


Hi All,

Is it possible to move the App Mon server installation to a different location without uninstalling and reinstalling and if so, is there a best practice for this? Is there a difference between using an embedded or external Performance Warehouse?



Hello @Anton L.,

It is possible. You have to change the regedit of the services, as moving the the installation to another path will invalidate your services as they are pointing to the old path.

First go to Start Menu -> Run and enter “Regedit” (sans quotes). Then you need to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\[Name of Service]. For example, the following image shows services for 6.5

Then change the location of the exe by changing the ImagePath key. You can see the following image where you will have to change the value data to the new location.

If you refresh the services, the services will now point to the new location.

Hope this helps.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


As mentioned by Jose, it is possible to move your AppMon Server to another machine, however I caution you that there's more to it than just adjusting Registry settings on Windows.

If you're on Windows, I actually recommend you perform an install using the installer, rather than simply trying to move the files and fiddle with the registry. You should read thru the Migration Guide doc pages as it will help you ensure all necessary issues are addressed, no matter which platform you using.

Finally, no matter which platform and no matter how you perform your move, you'll have to deal with the license key. You'll have to deactivate the key on the old machine, then you'll be able to reactivate it on the new machine.


joe hoffman


To double check I raised this with support and received the detailed steps to take using the installer and cleanly move all the files from a folder to another:"

  • stop all server services
  • create a copy of the installation folder (only in case any config file is deleted by the installer during removal)
  • uninstall the server
  • reinstall the server to the new location
  • move over the left files from the previous location to the new location
  • start up the new services
  • in case any directory configuration (as mentioned above) has been changed to use absolute instead of relative paths could/should be changed again

Uninstalling and reinstalling need to be in this order, since otherwise the MSI installer on Windows will notice that the product is already installed and so would trigger the "modify existing installation" mode. In general during uninstalling the product, all files that are added by the installer will be deleted again, but no configuration files are among them (on the first startup a default config is created if the files are missing). This means that you can move over all left files from the old installation to the new installation without any file collision as long as the new installation has not been started up yet. Actually with the move will also be updates and licenses included."

This procedure was done successfully on a 6.5 environment with full AppMon server installation.