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Moving SQL Performance warehouse from one host to another


Are there instructions on migrating our Performance warehouse database on SQL Server from one host to another? Our DBA wasn't sure what all a move would entail from a dynatrace side to make sure we didn't lose anything.


Hi Jared,

I have done one warehouse "transplant" before and we didn't have to do anything. We just copied the DB across and re-pointed the DT server to it.



ok, I am guessing I should disconnect the PW first before we move it, then update the information and reconnect it?

The steps would be like below:

- install the new performance warehouse

- copy the schema and content of all tables _except_ for the measurement_*, percentiles_* and blmeasurements tables

- disconnect the dt server from the old pwh, connect it to the new one, it'll start writing immediately with the correct metadata

- copy over the contents of the tables you left out before (mentioned above

Which I found in this post:

thanks a lot!