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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Moving agents between collector groups

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Is it possible to permanently move agents from one collector group to another without having to manually delete/change the local collector list which I think is located in <agent-home>/conf/collectorlist.<agent-name> by default?

My experience for example with Java agents is that if you don't do the above and only change the configured collector in the agent properties on the next restart the bootstrap agent will initially connect to the new collector in the desired group but afterwards the core agent will connect to a collector in the local collector list which unfortunately still contains old entries (e.g. collectors from the old group).

Has anyone made similar experience?



Hello Enrico,

In my experience, that list is pretty persistent, which in most cases is the desired functionality. In this case though, I believe the only solution to ensure that your agent sticks to the new group would be to delete the list and it would be generated with the collectors from the new group when your agent connects for the first time.


David Nicholls

Thanks for the feedback.

By any chance do you know of this also applies to the scenario where a collector is moved in/out from/to a group? I.e. will I have to delete the collector list from all agents connecting to the group in order for them to be aware of the changes in the available collectors?

The collector will most likely remain in the list, but when agents try to connect with it for 30 seconds and can't, they will move on to the next collector in the list. That is when the collector has been turned off. If the collector is up and running and still accessable via network rules, then you could have a situation where agents are connecting across collector groups once again.

OK thanks.

So the bottom line seems this: In large scale setups moving agents and/or collectors between collector groups can be quite a nightmare unless there exists custom automation for deleting collector lists across the whole application estate.

Time for another RFE I guess...


I've done some testing and it appears that moving collectors
between groups is correctly reflected in the agent's collector list upon
restart. So that's good news.

However, this makes the fact that it
isn't updated when the agent config is changed to use a collector from a
different group look like a rather strange design decision (if not a