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Moving agents to another System Profile



We would like to move some agents from one system profile to another since we can see that those apps talk to each other and would like to consolidate it in one system profile.

I know how to do it but my questions is about what happens to the measures and BTs created in the system profile from where we want to remove the agents to add the mapping in to the other one. My guess is that they would be deleted. Is there a way to keep the measures in the PWH and use them in the new system profile?

To be more precise. I am referring to the data that has been collected already. If I wanted to go back 3 months in a chart...How could I keep that data after I move the agent? Thanks.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


The old data is still there but associated with the old agent. The new agent is a different agent with different historical data.

However you could create a dashboard with two time series charts, one for old, one for new measure. Then you can still see that old data in context of the new agent data.

Thanks Joseph. But would the data still remain in the PWH after I deleted the old System Profile? According to

In the Manage System Profile section it says that deleting a System Profile will delete all its data from the PWH.



How to move the agent from abc system profile to xyz system profile?

Can someone provide the steps for doing the same.

To move agents you only need to move the agent group from one system profile to the other one and do an app restart. Or add a new agent group in the system profile you want the agent to be moved on to, change the agent name in the startup script, .net agent configuration tool or web server files (depending on the type of agent) and do a restart.

It is easier to just move the agent group from one profile to another so you dont have to change the agent configuration in the app server.