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Multiple collector versions on same server


We have installed some new servers to be used as collectors.  Since they have alot of resources, we would like to have multiple collectors installed on the same server.  We need to share these instances between Test Center Edition and our Production Edition.  Because of this, we need these collectors to be at different patch levels.  When we get patches, we patch Test Center Edition first, and then Production.  Our first attempt at doing this failed.  We installed the collectors and connected one to each DT server.  But they both got the higher patch version from Test Center, which we don't want.

Has anyone found a way around this?  We don't want to have to stand up new servers just to have different patch versions.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Nevermind.  I figured out a way to do this.

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi Kevin,

find the enclosed how to start multible collectors on a single host (use -instance parameter to handle multiple collectors).
Find the command line command for windows and a link for more details enclosed.
Best Herwig


dtcollector -service install -instance MyCollector -listen localhost:9998 -server mydynatraceserv

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Kevin,

from my understanding you probably already used this -instance feature of the collector, right? and I also assume you're using a version previous to 5.6?

because in this case, all instances are getting the fixpack, because they share the code.

so in your scenario, you have 2 possibilities:

  • really install the collectors multiple times on this machine
  • upgrade to 5.6 and continue to use instances, because starting with 5.6 the fixpacks from instances are handled separately



In support of what Christian said: this is the approach that I've used at several customers, all of whom had this exact requirement: maintaining different dT levels for Test and Prod environments.


That's great to know about the 5.6 functionality.  I was doing this with 5.5.  You can't technically install this twice, since it's an MSI package.  However, here was how I was able to get this to work on 5.5.

  1. Install Collector MSI
  2. Before doing any config, copy the DT Home Directory, making an exact duplicate
  3. Use dtcollector under each DT Home Directory to install an instance under the unique directory structures
  4. After the services are created, change the user that runs the service.  Default is Local System.  Use a user account for the second collector.

Step 4 was my major hang-up yesterday.  The duplicate service won't start as the same user (Local System) like it does when they are under the same Home directory.  Once you use another user, it works great.  I was able to get both collectors to run, at different patch levels connected to two different DT Servers.  Hope this helps with anyone not using 5.6. 

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Great to know that about the user accounts.  Thanks for sharing!