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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Multiple instances of an IBM HTTP Server on the same machine



We are in a POC instrumenting an IBM HTTP Server and we succesfully installed the Web Server Primary Agent and the secondary. In Agents Overview dashboard we can see both processes successfully connected to the Dynatrace Server, but we don't see any type of transactions. The customer is making some traffic over the IHS.

We have the sensors: Web Server (active and start pp) and User Experience (active).

Any clue? Thanks!




Hi Daniel,

can you post some screenshots from your configuration?

- The agents matched to a System Profile and correct Agent Group properly?

- Do you see any Event Count through Agents Overview?

- Make sure the Capture Events is checked on the Agent Group configuration.

Also, which version of IBM HTTP Server are you using?


Hi Melory,

Sorry, we had the "User Experience" tab switched to "Do not capture server side..." 🙂

Now the problem is how to configure more than one instance of IHS on the same machine. In this doc:

I understand that you have to configure only the "loadmodule" to each .conf file of each instance, and all share the same dtwsagent.ini.

The problem is that in dtwsagent.ini you can only specify an agent name... so.. how to configure more than one instance of IHS in the same machine with different agent names?

Its a IHS 8.5.5


Ok, I have already see that "If your web server instances run different web sites and you want to have data for each web site in a separate System Profile:" in link.

I thought is not really our problem, because we are OK with only one System Profile, but we are trying to do it.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You can configure multiple agents on the same machine and use different agent names by simply installing multiple copies of the agent. Then you'l have to startup multiple primary agents.

You might consider whether you really need different agent names for multiple instances of IHS. AppMon does not require the agent name to be unique and if both IHS instances are serving the same load, then having different agent names may not be necessary.


Hi Joseph! Thank you for your answer.

IHS instances are serving different load, from different applications, so it's important to us to see agents independently.

Another question is if the Primary Agent will be able to listen (and agents to send) at the same port (8001 by default). We will see!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Daniel, Obviously any listen ports used by a process needs to be unique across multiple instances of that process. So 8001 would need to be unique per instance. Good catch.


Oh Ok Joseph! Thank you a lot!


And there is one more thing that we've recently discovered...

The slave agent and the primary agent must use the same shared memory
file. In our case, by simply installing one agent per instance produces that the primary agent uses a shared memory file in a
different location as the secondary agent.

So you have to edit dtwsagent.ini and uncomment the "SharedMemoryFileName" parameter to ensure that all secondaries have
the shared memory location identical.