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Multiple simultaneous test run registrations



We have a Jenkins pipeline with multiple nodes. One build runs different test on available nodes. The agents and test data collection for one build at the time works. So, one test registration and send that id to multiple nodes which register tests in Dyntrace with their performance.

But we also support multiple builds at the same time. (Different people working on different features on different branches can build and run at the same time.) When this happens, Dynatrace fails to register the build / test cycles well. So request test registration 1, then request test registration 2, then run tests for test registration 1 on some nodes and then run tests for test registration 2 on some nodes, simultaneous. In this case, for both test cycle registrations a lot of tests are missing, while according to our build logs they have successfully run with the correct test registration id in the agent.

It their a problem with our setup or are their know problems with multiple test cycles running at the same time?

We run version at this moment.

Best regards,



Hello Harrie,

The scenario that you describe should work properly. It is possible to register multiple test runs and then run the tests providing different registered test run ids, even if all that happens concurrently.

I think opening a support ticket is the best way to proceed, it will allow you to send us your configuration and other details confidentially.

Best regards,