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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

.NET Agent configuration


Hi Team,

Could you please help us?

So far, we have only installed Java agents.

We have a new requirement to deploy agent on application which is .Net application. We have never installed dot net agent. Please help us with steps on how to instrument .Net agent?

Also, we have license for 7 Java agents and we have already consumed 6 agents and left with only one Java agent. Please advice if we need to recreate license with one dot net agent or can I use the agent as .net agent.




Hi Srinivas,

With the Java agent license file, you may not able to use it for multiple technology purpose. But, however from 7.0 onwards Dynatrace provides flexibility in converting the specific technology purpose license to generic one, say if you have 6 Java agent license file and you need three .Net agent on the same file you can split it to 3 Java and 3 .Net.

For this process you have to raise a support ticket with the licensing team and mention your requirement, if they were not able to do it they will connect to the Dynatrace Account executive.

Follow this link for .Net Agent configuration



Thanks for the response Ravi

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Srinivas,

You cannot use the Java agent for the .NET, therefore, you will have to request to license management team to create a new license for you with the different distribution.

You can follow the instructions from the below link for the .NET agent installation and configuration.



Thank you Babar