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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

“.NET Garbage Collection (% in GC) measure not available for some of the .Net windows Servers


Hi Team,

We could see “.NET Garbage Collection (% in GC) measure is not available for some of the .Net agents on our DT client. Where as the same measure is available for rest of the . Net agents.

Note : working and non- working .Net agents are running with same DT version and server OS.

OS Type : Windows 2008 R2

Technology : .NET

Tech Version : v2.0.50727 (Microsoft Corporation)

Kindly help us a resoultion for this issue.





Hi Sravankumar,

Did you verify the permission for ApplicationPoolIdentity user?

The user ApplicationPoolIdentity is set to be used for the application pool worker processes. This causes the worker process (Agent) to run under restricted permissions that might not contain the rights to fetch the Windows performance monitor measures.

Add the user ApplicationPoolIdentity to the application server user group called Performance Monitor Users and check.

Let see if it works for you.



The same is true if you run your app pool as an ID other than ApplicationPoolIdentity. That particular ID will need to be added to the Performance Monitor Users group. I ran into this with both Server applications (web and windows services) and also a desktop application we monitor. In that case the user running the application also needed to be a member of Performance Monitor Users.