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.NET app and Http.sys problems


We have a light .NET application running only http.sys (no IIS) and we can't set up the AppMon Agent. Classic Agent works, but the PurePaths are shattered.

In agent configuration we see this message:

Bootstrap agent (dtagent.dll) is not loaded, but has been activated. Process restart or system reboot is required.

According to Process Explorer the needed dtagent.dll and dtagentcore.dll are not loaded by the process. How do I make the app to load them? Can it be because there is no w3wp.exe running?

Thanks in advance!


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Which process actually hosts your CLR? A standalone .exe? Is it .NET Core or Full Framework?

You need to make sure that the environment variables ("COR_ENABLE_PROFILING", "COR_PROF...", and "CORECLR_...") are being picked up by your process. In Windows environment variables are inherited from parent to child processes. In case of changes to system-wide env variables, only very few windows processes actually pick these changes up at runtime ("services.exe" and "explorer.exe"). If you have a hiararchy of processes, all need to be restarted to pick up the new/changed env-vars.

That is why we typically recommend a system-restart, because it's the safest way to get env-vars propagated.

To investigate your issue, use a tool such as Process Explorer to check which environment variables are actually set for your .NET Process. If they are in fact correctly set, go check Event Viewer ("Applications") to see if there are any errors concerning CLR Profiler. This will give more insight.