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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Naming Conventions - BT's, Measures, Incidents, etc


Can anyone share any best practices for naming BT's, measures, incidents, etc?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Ravneet,

Theres really a lot of best practices and options users take to organize BTs, Measures and incidents. I have a couple suggestions, but this is not the end all be all by any means.

1. Take full advantage of the search functions within the App mon client

a. BTs, Measures, Incidents and other componets of App mon can be quickly searched. This is particularaly useful if you have a lot of BTs, since there is no current way to organize BTs by folders. In some cases you can actually filter by custom created measures (at least in the system profile config)

2. Assign Task names in Measures

a. Certain measures are created to complete a task or a BT. For example a Split by username or FILTER by a certain method invocation. Using the keywords SPLIT and FILTER in measures that are created for that purpose help when your traversing measures.

3. Use the description boxes or add other special information in the tile if avaliable

a. Every created measure is different. the same measure (like for example web service time) can have different configs (based on path, split by agent by default etc). Find a way to simplify the name to include such information, or use the measure description field to add notes or further info as needed. Its an additional step during creation of a measure, but it helps in the long run.

Every app mon environment is different and naming schemes will ultimately reflect your environment, but these are some good fundamentals to live by. Hope this helps.

thanks for your help @Nathan M.

I would really appreciate if you can provide some sample names that you have given in your environment for BT's, Measures, Incidents, and other components.

Hi Ravneet,

Good question!

As pointed by Nathan, naming convention are not strict rules. However following a consistent naming across every artifact can help making your APM project more maintainable and extensible over the future.

Naming Conventions can be applied on below:

  • System Profile
  • Agent and Agent Group
  • Measures
  • Business Transactions (BTs)
  • Incidents
  • Tasks & Monitors
  • Dashboards
  • Schedules
  • Users, Roles, Groups, Email Groups
  • Report Directories
  • Dynatrace Collector Services
  • Saved Sessions

Some Guidelines/Tips:

  • Avoid Special Characters
  • Try to use Human Friendly names esp for BTs, Alerts etc.
  • Keep System Profile names short without spaces and special chars
  • Use Concrete words while naming BTs, Dashboards etc. Do not leave default names for any artifact
  • Do not make names very verbose or too terse or too mnemonic

Here is a comprehensive snapshot.

thank you so much for sharing this. I am sure this answer of yours will benefit many people around here who are looking for details on naming conventions.

I understand there are no strict rules to be followed, but it's always beneficial to stay organised.


For measures we always start with a prefix between square brackets which tells something about the usage of the measure.
for example "[F] name of the filter measure"

  • F = filter
  • S = split
  • R = result
  • C = chart
  • UTAG = user tagging

Even with good naming conventions it is still a job to maintain everything, but it does help a lot. Certainly on the measures since there are a lot of it.

Possible RFE: For the measures it would be a nice feature to have some view on there usage. Because often, after a while we detect measures that are not used anywhere. They just impact the AppMon system without adding any benefits. It should not be so difficult to make something like this since all config is XML.