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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Native mobile app monitoring


Hi Couple of questions around monitoring native mobile (specifically Android) apps.

We have set up some local testing of a number of native Android apps (by instrumenting the apk downloaded to a local test device).

Although we (now) have visibility of traffic (thank you Dynatrace support!), we are only seeing the initial page load of the app, not subsequent steps in the user journey.

Attached screengrab illustrates.

2 questions please:

  1. Am I correct in thinking that the full purepath of the user interaction should be captured & displayed in this case?  and

  2. If the apps are not fully 'standalone' but rather use Webviews to access and display pages from the mobile html site, what is the outcome from a monitoring/UEM visibility point of view?


Thank you, Larry


UEM traffic nat Android 290115.jpg



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Larry

I assume you used the Android Auto Instrumentor to get our Mobile ADK into your application - correct? The Auto Instrumentor is hooking into certain events. But - depending on the type of application, and the framework used - a generic approach like this may or may not cover all real user interactions. There are several things you can configure on how the Auto Instrumentor should behave, e.g: what type of events to actually instrument. I suggest you check out the online documentation on this topic: Auto-Instrumentation for Android

Web Service calls are automatically detected and linked with the User Action. If there is no current user action that the ADK is aware of it creates a default User Action that is called WebRequest. I can see many of them in your screenshot which tells me that the Auto Instrumentor probably doesnt catch all your real user interactions but it still captures the web requests correctly. These WEb Requests should also go full end-to-end in case you have also instrumented the server-side web service call.

In your case I really recommend reading up on the Mobile ADK. You can tweak the auto instrumentor but may also need to look into doing some manual instrumentation


Thanks for the advice Andi (& the link!)