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Need help in setting up webservice alerts



I want to setup alerts for webservices in following conditions.

1.Warning alert for 3 consecutive errrors for webservice.

2.Severe alert for response time>300ms,for 5 times in last hour.

3.Sever alert in case of No service calls in last hour.

can someone help me is there any workaround in setting these alerts.




Hello Tarun,

Here is a way to do each of the three methods that you requested:

1.Warning alert for 3 consecutive errors for web service.

If you use a web service time measure (creation described in part 2) as a filter in a business transaction then you should automatically get the failed transaction count as a measure. You can use this or failed transaction percentage (also auto generated from a BT) to create alerts on failures. I don not think it is possible to determine whether failures were concurrent.

2.Severe alert for response time > 300ms, for 5 times in last hour.

If you open the web services dashlet and right click on the web service that you are interested in tracking you can select "Create Measure". Under Server Side Performance -> Transaction based Measures -> Web Services -> Select "Time". Set a valuable name for your measure and the method and end point should already be filled in. Click okay then edit the system profile and go to measures. Search for your web service time measure and this is where you can add the 300ms upper severe. Now you can create a new count measure under "Threshold Violations" and use your web service time as the source measure.

In the incidents section of the system profile create a new incident rule and under "Conditions," you can add your count measure. Your evaluation time frame should be 1 hour and you can set the appropriate actions once the alert is generated.

3.Severe alert in case of No service calls in last hour.

There is a web service count measure that you can use in an incident. If the lower severe of 1 is exceeded (if the count is less than 1) for an evaluation time frame of 1 hour, then you can have it throw an alert.

Hope that helps,

David Nicholls

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for your help.

I tried setting up Business Transaction as per your suggestion.

For part 2 I have doubt about my configuration.I have attached my configuration images can you please verify,that will be helpful.After setting the alert,I got alert but it doesn't look like valid.

Do you think aggregation value as Count is valid for alert?




Hello Tarun,

An aggregation of minimum should work for the purposes that you need. You measures look correct and the reason I would set the aggregation to minimum is that it is saying that if the lowest value (number of violations) is above 5 for the last hour then we know that an alert needs to be thrown.


David Nicholls

Hi David,

I am facing some problem with the BT. There is a huge difference between the BT count and web services count.

Did you face something similar like this.




Hello Tarun,

Are you using the same measure for the BT and the incident? The threshold in the filter for the Business Transaction affects what is captured for it. If you have the 300ms threshold on your filter in the BT then it would explain why your web service calls with response times lower than that are being dropped. I am asking because I can see that the average response times on the web service dashlet is far lower than the average response time in the BT.


David Nicholls

Hello David,

It was my mistake,the BT is working as expected.But the response time alert configured is not working properly,it was trying to take the value of count instead of giving response time.

It was for part-2

I have created web service->time measure and passed the threshold value 300ms and created count measure under threshold violations and added source measure as webservice time measure and passed the threshold value as 5.

Do you think am i missing something.response-time-alert.png