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Need help with External API Services

I'm trying to use DT instructions at this link to graph response time and throughput of requests to various HTTP backend systems.

Thank you in advance for any help with this.

In our system, a request comes in to our JVM with a DT agent and our code then makes HTTP requests to various backend URLs, none of which have DT Agents. I want to graph response time and throughput for the backends, each unique URL should have its own line/series in the graph.

DynaTrace already captures some of these URLs in the Argument field (circled in yellow) like this:

for this class/method:

Here is the javadoc link which shows zero parameters for the method and the return value is, which does not contain the URL.

Somehow, I need to add sensor configuration that tells DT the URL, but I don't know how to do that, given that my sensor method never sees the URL as a parameter or as a return value.




Hi Erik!

I think what you've described is a business transaction (BT). You'll want to build a BT with purepath scope that filters based on that specific method. You'll probably need to use a measure for that. From there, you'll want to split by argument value. Use this measure:

You can then utilize these splits to track any calculation measures by unique endpoint.

Have I understood your query correctly?

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Thanks for the reply, Chase.

The "External API" functionality looks like it was specifically designed for what I'm trying to do here....but I've tried your approach and am still having problems with it; I'm sure I'm doing something stupid.

Again, my example seems pretty basic:

Here is an export of purepaths: localbackendresponsetime.dts

Every purepath makes an HTTP request to 1 of four different URLs, as shown here (just 3 in the picture, 4 in the .dts file) purepath.png

My goal is to get one timeseries graph showing the different response times of each URL.

I've tried variations of measures and business transactions, but these show the basic idea:



My problem is that zero records show up trying to display/calculate the busiess transaction:


Thanks again,