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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Need help with fix pack installation of 6.5 version


We have installed 6.5.0 version of dynatrace. When connecting via Client it shows upgrade need to be installed. Direct upgrade/download of Fix pack not happening..So I have downloaded to the /opt/dynatrace directory in CentOS machine. How to apply this fix pack?



Hi @Umesh N.

1. unzip the file

2. go to settings in DT client.

3 the upgrade option there you will see add button on the bottom. click on that and then a screen will pop up where you can give the path where the fixpack has been unzipped and select 6.5 38 dtf file. and the fixpack will be applied.

you can also check this



Thanks, Taneesha. That worked.

But I was checking a way if I can directly upgrade this in server without downloading to my local. Anyway this worked.

@Umesh N. what i do is copy local only because you cant download the file on server, I think this is the only way, If you find out the other please do tell it will most appreciated . 🙂