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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Need to create Infrastructure hostgroupings alerts for both warning and severe threshold

Hi Team,

We have two issues in hand that we are dealing with and hope you could suggest a solution for them.

Issue 1
: Our requirement is to create warning (75%) and severe threshold (90%) set up in Infrastructure hostgrouping alerts. So to achieve this, we have created a warning threshold hostgrouping alerts which has 75% for warning and tested it. We found that is successfully triggering the alerts. After this, we tried to add the same hosts to Severe threshold group (90%) but we figured out that the settings for Warning threshold are getting overridden and the new Severe threshold settings are becoming active. We tried doing the reverse setting and found that Severe threshold settings are overridden by Warning threshold settings. Here, only one threshold setting is getting applicable and other settings are getting inactive.

Issue 2: Under System profile, we have created CPU Utilization-custom measure with set of thresholds Upper severe - 90%, Upper warning - 75% and Lower severe - 10% for hosts monitoring. This threshold values are applied to all the hosts under System profile. So now the requirement is to create a new custom measure with lower severe threshold as 10% for only for a set of hosts which already belongs to CPU utilization-custom measure. This lower threshold should only be applicable for these set of hosts but not to any other hosts in the group. We have a plan of creating a new custom-measure for this set of 10 hosts but we anticipate a risk of getting false alerts as there are chances of measures getting conflicted.

Need your esteemed suggestions on this with a suitable solution for these two issues.





Hi Praveenkumar,

This seems like a question for the AppMon and UEM Open Q&A Forum. I recommend you move this post over there to get a quicker response.



Moved to AppMon forum.

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