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Need to setup an alert whenever monitor goes down



Is there any possibility to setup an alert for monitor.

We are using tibco ems plugin in that we are having primary and secondary, when primary goes down all the queues will be moving to secondary and it works accordingly. I have added two monitors in dynatrace client using tibco ems plugin for primary and secondary. We want to get an alert when primary goes down.

can someone help me will it be possible,if so how can we do it.

Appreciate your help



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

One thing that has worked for us is that for an monitor measure used in an incident rule if you change the aggregation to "count" what it will be counting is essentially the number of times that measurement has been returned (i.e how many times the monitor has executed and returned a measurement). This means you are really basing the incident rule how many successful runs there were - and if you set a threshold on this measure you're using it will be applied to this count (even if it seems like it doesn't make sense such as using it on a response time [ms] measure). You can either use an existing measure that you may not care about to set this threshold (probably zero) or add a new measure in the monitor config dedicated to counting this (I'll usually add another response time measure and name it to reflect the fact that it's using a threshold for count).

So if you add the measure with count aggregation and a lower severe threshold of zero to an incident then whatever timeframe you set on the incident will be how long the monitor must not be running before the incident will trigger.