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.Net Agent max timeout parameter


Hi All

Im running a POC at the moment and one of the issues I'm facing is that the agent and collector are not strictly speaking next to each other.

This is a very lightweight application however and it has been taken into consideration.

One issue that we're facing due to this is that one of the .Net agents in not instrumenting with this message:

"Instrumentation is disabled because not all transformations were completed successfully"

Looking this up, it seems that its due to latency between the agent and collector.

I found a parameter value that will help increase the max timeout value agentpath:"C:\ADAPT\dynaTrace\agent\lib64\dtagent.dll"=name="AppServer_MichaelPage_1",server=,transformationmaxavgwait=300

However Im not sure how to apply that to a .Net agent.

Any ideas how i can amend this for now? 

Going forward recommendation WILL be to move the collector closer, however for now it would be great to have the agent up and running.


thanks for any help


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Julien,

Env variable DT_TRANSFORMATIONMAXAVGWAIT - .NET Agent Configuration#.NETAgentConfiguration-EnvironmentVariables

Best, Roman