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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

.Net Remoting Sensor breaking application

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


A customer has a home grown .net 4.0 "search service" that gets called from an IIS/AppPool using .Net remoting. So the communication goes as follows:

Frontend Tier - IIS - .Net App Pool - Search Service

When the Search Service is started with an agent it no longer gives feedback of search results. Some investigation and restarts later it turns out that the culprit is the .Net Remoting sensor. When we disable it the application works as expected.

Can you shed some light as to what this sensor does? I cannot find anything in the documentation.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Kris,

did you figure if it was actually the ".NET Remoting" or ".NET Remoting Tagging" Sensor (the latter can only be unplaced separately in debug mode)?

this is what they do:

  • .NET Remoting Sensor: instrument client- and server-side of .NET Remoting (and XML-RPC.NET) calls to capture information about remote calls. note that the server-side instrumentation includes all classes inherited by System.MarshalByRefObject which might be a lot. however, the instrumentation itself does not do much, on the client side it queries some information from the IMethodCallMessage, on the server-side it does even less, basically only default-instrumenting remote methods.
  • .NET Remoting Tagging Sensor: tags the PurePath over .NET Remoting calls by using the LogicalCallContext. no rocket science, either

figuring out which one of those two would be interesting anyway, but I suggest opening a support ticket in any case.

just wondering: the search service is really up and running and not maybe running into a timeout due to slow instrumentation or something like that?

HTH, Christian

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply.

I did not specifically unplace the .Net Remote Tagging sensor. Does it get unplaced together with the .Net Remoting sensor?

We left the search service starting for roughly 10 mins, I doubt it would still be instrumenting.

I will work with the customer tomorrow to figure some more things out and will then also create a support ticket.


correct, when in "normal" mode Tagging Sensors get implicitly unplaced with their corresponding counterparts.

Turns out that it was the .Net Remoting sensor, not the tagging sensor that was causing the issue... A support ticket has been created.