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Network Inbound Utilization


I'm looking for the Measure "Network Inbound Utilization" described in

But I can only find the measures for the transfer rates:

Where can I find the mentioned Metrics?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Gerald,

there's a footnote there (see below), have you checked if it applies to your host? Cheers,


3 On *NIX systems a kernel with version greater or equal to 2.6.33 is required otherwise only the transfer rates are displayed.

Hi @Peter K.

Yep saw the note. But the measure doesn't even show up in the Measure Overview.

Further I want to see the metric for a windows server.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Ok, you're right and that documentation is wrong. Unfortunately there seems to be no comparable metric currently, only the bytes sent / received.

We'll update the documentation accordingly. Thanks, br, Peter

Ahh too bad! 😉

After some research I discovered that these values are displayed in
the Infrastructure Details dashlet of a host. However, they can't be
charted individually or created as standalone measures because the "bandwidth" isn't available as a
separate metric. Internally, we divide the bytes sent / received by the
bandwidth that is part of the agent information.

Hi @Peter K. ,

I can't find it within the infrastructure dashlet

What value is taken into account for the bandwidth, is it measured or some system value?



ok, you're right again... I thought that the "In/Out" here would be those values (didn't have live data for my system), sorry for the confusion.

The (nominal) bandwidth is queried from the operating system.

Hi @Peter K. ,

Thank you for the information.

The bandwidth value isn't available as measure either right? So I could use it within a Rate measure.

No, unfortunately not.

Ok, thank you for the help 😉