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Network Utilization of DT Server


We are in the process of increasing the capture % of UEM and PurePaths. Before doing so, we would like to understand the current network utilization of the servers. Which would be the best measure in the self monitoring system profile?

In the Server Health dashboard, i see the measures Communication Bytes Transported and Collector Communication Bytes Transported in MB. What does these measure refer to? There is also MPS (Nodes per second)


When you will click on this chart (Related to collector communication traffic) you can change there data series to those related to server health. You have there option to add np Server communication Bytes Transported (But this will correlate to collector traffic, because all collectors ar sending data to DT Server).

There is another measure which you can see on righy which will split traffic by collectors (if you wish).

Those metrics are available as well when you will switch to:

Then you will be able to pick those measures and create own dashboard if you wish to track changes.


Thanks for the answer Sebastian. I would like to know what is the unit of these measures. Is it MB per second or MB? the units available are only B, KB, MB GB etc and the Dashlet Title says /10s.

MB/10s is self explainory. About other metrics, check in Dynatrace. Each of them has description inside. Should be fine for you.