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Network Utilization still showing Maximum Bandwidth as 1G after upgraded from 1G to 4G.


OS: Solaris

DynaTrace: 6.1.0

Restart of PSM Server/Collector/Agent does NOT work.

The network interface of "aggr1" is actually updated to the new name.

Anyone help suggest how to update the Network Bandwidth?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Any chance you can upgrade Dynatrace? version 6.1 has been out for a while and I think is soon going to be de-supported. We have had many enhancements to our monitoring support in the last versions which means there is a good chance that this will correctly work after an upgrade



@Andreas G.

Thanks Andi for your suggestion!

Meanwhile I have also opened an support ticket regarding to this issue.

Besides upgrade to a supported Dynatrace 6.1, I have also got following useful information.

I'd like to share with you and others who may interested in this issue.

For Solaris, DynaTrace fetch the speed of new NIC from ifspeed using kstat command.

We have checked with customer about the output of kstat command, it is 1G.

This is the reason why Network Utilization Chart do not show the new bandwidth of 4G.

Currently we have involved customer's infra admin to check about the network interface.

Thanks for the update. Thats very helpful!!