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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Nginx load balance the server


Anybody been sucessfull load balancing the server listen port for the collector (6699 / 6698 or the http tunnel 8033) using nginx?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


Would you let me know why you want to loadbalance that connection?


To solve the deprectated multiple instances of appmon server.

Ok. So - makes sense. Have you thought about solving this problem via DNS? So - your collectors use a DNS name instead of an IP Address to connect to your servers? then you can control via DNS to which server the collectors are connecting?


That supposes multiple servers. I am not going to have multiple servers. I am going to have one servers with mulitple instances. (They are going to be dockerized)

Is dockerized dynaTrace setup officially supported?

Not sure about officially supported but there is a Docker repo on dynatrace github.

The Docker images on github are mainly for evaluation and testing. While you can run a server or collector in docker we do not officially support it for production environments.It mainly comes down to making sure we get the resources (cpu, mem, ...) that our deployment guide suggests. If you are not configuring docker correctly (and that is true for other virtualized environments) we might not get these resources which can impact dynatrace performance


Well since the multiple instance option is deprecated this is the only valid way forward.

I forwarded this thread to our product management team to get an official response. Maybe we should clarify the "deprecation of multiple server instances" and what we officially suggest to support multiple servers on a single server instance


That would be very nice. Because there is no sandboxing of infrastructure between system profiles

(Ie: User a with system profile a is able to see infrastructure on system profile b)


By the way, I have a github repo where I try to create this

Interesting, i am exploring this area too but just completed reverse proxy browsers -> rp -> Web AppMon, Client -> rp -> AppMon. I am working in another PoC which would like to test this it too collector -> rp -> reverse proxy.

If you go to my github the nginx.conf there will work for load balancing the collector as well.

collector -> nginx LB -> appmon server (port 6699)

Thanks, I was using nginx rp as SSL offloading too so i redirect to 9910 instead of 9911. 🙂 Cheers

But this is a nice project.


Are you willing to share that nginx config with me?


My exploration is a bit different from yours. my intent to use nginx rpoxy to direct customer to their respective appmon web and/or client. Each customer would have a subdomain for web and client. But client don't support https tunnel as I did try and it only works for http tunnel. next best alternative is to use nginx stream but then each customer would have a different port to connect to.