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No Agent connected when running tomcat as a service



I installed my Dynatrace Trial instance and I'm trying to monitor my first Tomcat 7 on one of Windows 2016 server remote machines.
I created monitoring configuration and installed agent manually.
I tried to inject dtagent.dll through Tomcat Properties GUI (calling Tomcat7w.exe).
In Java tab under Java Options I pasted:


(changed my ip as x for secuirty reason)

# The name of the web server agent (used for agent mapping on the dynaTrace Server).

Name Tomcat_Performance

After that agent got connected to the server but in Dynatrace Monitoring GUI but there was Dashboard message:
No Agent connected.

Ensure that the environment is configured correctly and remember .....
I agent list all agents/agent is in connected status.
I think that problem is maybe in my dtagent.dll injection syntax.

Also found on community that I have to use setenv.bat but I want to use Tomcat7w for setting agentpath parameters. I would like to run tomcat as a windows service.
Any ideas or suggestions.