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No User action purepaths for system profile


Hi all,

I have a system profile and agents are web server agents. I see everything configured fine but there are no user action purepaths seen. I checked agent mapping is fine. Sensor placement is checked for Web Server and User Experience.

I am attaching images of configuration.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you check the slider in the "User Experience" settings in the system profile and make sure that it is active (set to the far right)? In addition can you check if the JavaScript Agent is being injected on the pages of your application?

I assume the web servers have been restarted since these sensors were activated in order to place them?


Hi James,

I checked User Exp settings from default app-->capturing is set to extreme right.

How can I check if the JavaScript Agent is being injected on the pages of my application?

You can just visit a page and view the source in your browser, you should see it if it's there by searching for "dtagent".

yes I see dtagent in page source.


Interesting, looking at your page in the network details I can see the dynatraceMonitor signal being sent back and getting a 200 so I don't see anything that would normally be an issue such as a network component blocking the signal or the signal being sent to a non-instrumented web server which would result in a 404.

In the start center in the Deployment Health section is a UEM Health Check, can you run this to see if there is any issue detected?

Also, if you could just take a screen shot of the transaction flow for your system profile in a fresh (no filters) dashboard to confirm that no UEM activity is being picked up would be helpful.

Do you mean UEM Correlation Overview from Deployment Health?


No it's something separate, you can find it in the screenshot:

I checked it i got this.

Interesting, so everything looks to be configured and communicating properly - has UEM ever worked on this site? You may want to open a support case to look closer at how the site is set up to see if there is some reason no actions are being detected - or wait to see if others have any ideas here (depending on the urgency).

Thanks James. May be try out till end of day and wait if others having any opinions on this. Later I will open a ticket for this if it si not solved. Thanks James again for your time.

Hello @James K.,

He just did the basic test which only check the license and agent but doesn't validate the actual URL.

He has to provide a proper or complete Application URL to validate the screenshot you referred him and then click on Validate URL.



Hm, didn't know it would even let you continue without that. Yeah you'll need to include the URL you provided to get a full test performed.


I checked with the team and confirmed the URL as


Sorry,I checked in wrong URL but in this URL there is no 'dtagent' in page source.


I copied this new URL in UEM health check and I found 1 error message here.

"UEM is disabled on agent"

UEM is disabled in the Agent configuration. The configuration is not communicated correctly between the server and Agent. This is because the Agent configuration (as stored on the server) is checked before the Injection check is executed, and this test didn't fail.

We requested team to restart agents to see this works.

@Babar Q. @James K.

Restarting web server agents worked! User action purepaths are seen now.

Thank you.