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No data in dashboard for login step


Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a new BT for step 1 failure

Below are the purepaths for step 1 failures:-,ER:Login_Failure: IdentityService{"Request":"{\"username\":\"\"}","Login_Failure: IdentityService":"{}"},ER:Login_Failure: IdentityService{"Request":"{\"username\":\"\"}","Login_Failure: IdentityService":"{}"},ER:Login_Failure: IdentityService{"Request":"{\"username\":\"\"}","Login_Failure: IdentityService":"{}"}

I dont understand how to create a BT for this because they are containing values in purepaths.

Please help me create a BT for this to see COUNT & FAILED TRANSACTION PERCENTAGE.

I tried creating BT but I end up with no data in dashboard. I am attaching screeenshots how I created it.





Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Overall your BT configuration looks correct, you have a filter measure with a defined threshold. Perhaps it doesn't like the space in the "contains" field? If you chart the measure you are using for your filter do any values show up? If not then nothing is meeting the criteria and you may want to modify the matching criteria on the filter to something simpler or create custom regex to match that value. I think a filter measure issue is the most likely reason nothing would be showing up in the BT.


Thanks James. There is some data coming in my dashboard now , I am able to see count but I also added Failed Transaction Percentage from BT by configure series-->add
But I do not see any data for this. I added both at the same time.


Even though you know that this is a failure, from the user action purepaths you posted there are green states which means that App Mon is seeing these as completing successfully so they will not be reflected as failures and thus a zero failure rate if that is what you're asking. You would need to define some pattern, exception, logging, etc... in error detection settings in order to see these as failed user action purepaths. That being said if you were to make this change the failure rate would be 100% since you're filtering on a failure so only those failures would be considered.

If you wanted to see the percentage of log ins that were failing or something like that, you would need to modify the error detection rules as noted above and then define a BT that includes ALL logins. In this case the failure rate would be "correct".

Another option may be to define a BT that includes all logins then create a "rate" measure that divides the count of failed logins as you have by all logins to get a percentage.


Now I understand it so as all these logins are green and completed successfully I do not see any failed transaction percentage for this. That's the reason I see only count for them.
How can I create a rate measure if I want to see percentage of logins that are failing?

Once you have a measure that is counting ALL logins then you can define a new measure of the template "rate" and pick this as the base measure, then select the current BT as the fraction measure. This will allow you to chart a new measure which is calculated by dividing the fraction by the base.

One issue with this method though, is that unless this has changed very recently which I do not believe to be the case, this new rate measure is not actually stored in the performance warehouse but is instead just calculated from the two existing measures when it is charted with the effect being that no incidents can be defined on this new rate measure since it does not actually exist in the performance warehouse.