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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

No measure showing in dynatrace client with a Websphere 8.5 App



I am encountering an issue using dynatrace client with a brand new agent configuration (system profile) on a Websphere 8.5 app.

I have configured my agentpath in the ARG JVM, i can see the agent well started in my DT Client.

I got on it a Green Star that mean the Hot Sensor Placement is fine (I forced the HSP to "on" and restarted the JVM).I can monitor App process like CPU/MEM/threads but i can't show any measure in my transaction flow or the purepath (and yes i can see in logs that there is activity on the app).DTserver 6.2 / Websphere 8.5

[Edit] : One more important thing, in the dynatrace log at the JVM's start i got tose 2 warnings :

warning [java  ] Retrieving stats array for module: 'threadPoolModule' returned null. This may be caused by a not yet initialized module. If subscriptions for this module do not provide data after initialization, please check module path.
warning [native] Capability can_redefine_any_class not available. There may be problems with Hot Sensor placement.

Thanks for the Help.


Hi Jerome,

You may want to put in a support ticket about this. You can put in a ticket at our support portal here.

Hope this helps,




Probleme solved and came from a bad request URL.

Now the environnement is quite well called, i can see the transactions in "transactions flow"