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No useful information in PurePaths shown for Node.js agents


2018-06-06-10-53-55-purepaths-dashboard-dynatrace.pngWe have instrumented node.js agents in the server, but don't see useful information in PurePaths generated. We have followed the official documentation -

We have also ensured that the lines of code to connect to Dynatrace is the very first line in the source code.

Are there any limitations to the details in the PurePath that is captured from Node.js servers or are we missing anything?

Attaching a screenshot of the PurePath tree for one of the requests.



Curiously, did you get any wiser regarding limitations of the Node.js agent?

It seems we're in the same boat.... In our case we would like to capture HTTP headers in the backend PP but it seems this is also not supported (and not documented either).

In any case I have just raised SUPDT-47918 to get a confirmation...

On a side note: We've also noticed that the PP response time is always "0.00" whereas the "Duration" is much higher and probably more useful for performance analysis....

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Enrico,

the response time is "0.00" due to the asynchronous behaviour of Node.JS. If you're interested in the response time, please use the column "Web Request Response Time" (hidden by default).