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Node.js agent questions

We are trying out Node.js agent and have few question:

1) Node.js agent is not providing process level health metrics.

2) How do we make use of the collector groups for Node.js agents


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Sreerag,
1) process level health metrics are included in the upcoming AppMon release. EAP program for it will start around end of februar.
2) For more info on collector groups you should have a look on this page


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the response and it was nice talking to you at the conference.

Have a question on the collector groups again, we use collector group for our existing java and web agents however we see node agent is connected to a group called dtang

below highlighted is our dynatrace server but we connect our nodejs agent to our collectors.

doesnt nodejs use the collector groups


Hi Sreerag, I asked this same question. Basically the same principal applies here too, If you point the nodejs agent to a collector that is part of a collector group then the agent will send data to the server via one of the collectors (collector is acting as a proxy) the event that collector goes down it will switch to the other collector that is part of the group and it will continue sending data to the server. Some time back I asked about the representation of nodejs in the agents overview and I was told it might eventually change.