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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Not seeing data in dynatrace


Hi ,

We are having total 4 jvm's and which are clustered.I am seeing in dynatrace data is capturing for 2 JVM's & for the remaining 2 JVM's it was capturing partial data.When application team ran 5000 transactions in dynatrace it was capturing only 150 transactions.Can someone help me what might be the reason for not capturing.

All these 4 JVM's have similar behaviour and configured in same system profile->same agent group and all the 4 agents are properly configuered and connected.




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Tarun,

There are few basic following things we should investigate before moving to the deep dive troubleshooting or understanding.

  • Ask the application team whether 4 x JVMs are equally load balanced or not and also if they are configured as load balanced or failover
  • Change the capture status of Servlets, Java Web Services and Remote Method Invocation (RMI) from active to active and start PurePaths
  • Open the Session Storage Dashboard from the Cockpit > Deployment Health to see is there any Unrecorded PurePaths on that specific time
  • Open the Collector Sizing Dashboard from the Cockpit > Deployment Health to check the Buffer Saturation | CPU Usage | Memory Usage
  • Open the Agents Overview Dashboard from the Cockpit > Status Overview and verify whether the Event Count | Class Load Count | Total PurePath Count are near about equal or not
  • Plot a dashboard for the dynaTrace Self-Monitoring source/session and then add two dashlets RTA - Analyzed PurePaths (Counting number of analyzed PurePaths per Interval over all agents) and Early Discarded PurePaths (Server) (Number of PurePaths discarded early in the processing chain) to know that what was the load and how many PurePaths were discarded earlier. If the historical data is not available then you will have to do another test to generate some traffic and check the behaviour.



Hi Babar,

Thanks for looking into it.

All the JVM's are equally load balanced and they are configured as load balance for 1/1 readiness keeping in mind to handle the load.

I am seeing all the servlets,Java web services and RMI are in active and start purepaths,that's the reason we are seeing sevlets data from other 2 agents in the same agent group.

I am seeing early discarded purepaths but not unrecorded purepaths.

I am seeing event count and purepath count are high but class load count is very low and the numbers are not close for all the three.


During the Dec 26th from 10pm -02PM I am seeing early discarded purepaths are high than the RTA analyzed purepaths.


Does this early discarded purepaths indicate something?



Hello Tarun,

In the agents overview what is the count of PurePaths for each agent?

Did you check the health of your collector and server?

How much size you have for the session storage?

Early discarded means that data is not reaching to server to analyze.

Plot one more measures of the skipped PurePaths in the same dashboard you shared.




I have one more post opened in forum which we are seeing the weird behavior in system profile and agents which is interrelated to data not showing in dynatrace.If possible can you please look into it and provide any recommendation.

Appreciate your help,