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Number of Active Users do not much the expected ones in Dynatrace, Why?



We had deployed Dynatrace on a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) application but does not give the actual number of visits. This application is used by 150 Service centers with a huge number of agents on each. The application owners claim that in every 30 min get more than 170 visits yet Dynatrace shows up ranging 12-15 visits. What could be wrong?

Please help because they have begun to lose trust in it.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Chris,

When you say more than 170 visits every 30min, does it mean you have 170 unique users or just a good amount of users having repeated visits?

I would check to see if maybe multiple visits are being combined into one. If that is the case, it is mostly like that your period of inactivity for a visit is set too high.

Can you go into the User Experience in your System Profile setting and tell me what the "Visit ends after user has been inactive for" value has been set to?

Attached a screenshot to where you can find it ->



Thanks Ari for your quick response,

Actually those are supposed to be unique users because, those could be in one(service center) and we are having 150 service centers.

Attached is the screenshot




Try setting it to 5mins instead of 30mins and see if it makes a difference.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In addition to some configuration possibilities I would verify that each web server that is part of this application has a web server agent installed that has full instrumentation and the UEM sensors active. You should be able to see if there are any version, license, etc... issues in the agents overview and if there are is anything like that you would missing visits hitting that server.

Maybe try and get a view to see which servers are getting the most traffic to see if any in particular are missing. And if this post doesn't get anywhere please open a support case as they may have some ideas and are experienced in troubleshooting potential issues.



Hello Chris,

It might help to do a UEM health check as well. There are a host of configurations that can result in missing visits as James mentioned so a health check might help you to narrow the search.

Also, here is a link where the talk in depth about areas in Dynatrace that can affect your UEM functionality:


David Nicholls