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Occasional rendering slowness


From Dynatrace UEM we can see that on some clients machines
sometimes the browsers do not render a page fast enough.

For example, in 3% cases one specific page (Notifications)
are shown in 10 seconds instead of less than 1 second.

We know that this delay is not related to servers or
network, APM clearly indicates that this slowness is related to a JS or
internal browser logic on clients machine.

Are there a way to look “inside” of web browser processes to
identify the cause of the slowness?


Hi George,

I would try to find a correlation between these slow visits. Things I would check for include: browser type, browser version, IP address, geographic location, OS, client error count, date and time, etc. If for instance you determine they're all coming from a specific browser version you could download that browser and investigate it further from there.

Hope this helps,