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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

On what basis are metrics are shown in Test Results Dashlet


Hi experts,

Can anyone let me know on what basis are metrics are shown in Test Results Dashlet? Is it based on the Test Category? or is it based on the individual requests? When I checked each requests seem to have different metrics captured.

Also how do we specify custom measures in the Register test run web api call?



Correct, it's based on the test category. At the bottom of each page for each category is what measures are collected. The external test category lets you specify custom metrics to baseline, but does not collect any automatically. Only metrics you tell it are captured. I don't believe other test categories let you specify additional metrics. That would be a great feature though. That would possibly allow capturing measures such as database queries when the database is faked/mocked.

But in the API documentation it says:

  • if the includedMetrics is provided, only test results for these metrics will be collected in this test run. In order to collect all test results for a given metric group you can pass just the group name or leave the metric name blank.

It doesn't say anywhere that it is only for external tests. Is there a link to the API documentation other than this?

I think that's only for if you wanted to filter out metrics that normally get captured. As far as I know, it doesn't allow specifying additional metrics that aren't already captured.

Oh ok.. thanks Greg.

Greg - Do you know how Dynatrace decides which measures to use for each category?