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OneAgent Log Info popping up when perform php command


Hi Expert,

After switch from Classic Agent appMon to oneAgent (AppMon Agent) flatform, I found out when perform a php command on terminals, it popping up a Log Info from dynatrace AppMon agents... here details msg

[dynatrace@VCAZTMWIFISTGAP001 ~]$ php -v
2018-08-07 03:56:18.481 UTC [9485b7af] info [native] Dynatrace Bootstrap Agent
2018-08-07 03:56:18.493 UTC [9485b7af] info [native] Bootstrap Library: /opt/dynatrace/dynatrace-7.0/agent/downloads/one/agent/ (md5: 19464b8357d5fd346ab7bb368c9f9779)
2018-08-07 03:56:18.494 UTC [9485b7af] info [native] Cannot get ProcessGroupIdResult from InProcStore.
2018-08-07 03:56:18.494 UTC [9485b7af] info [native] hostId calculated based on hostname VCAZTMWIFISTGAP001
2018-08-07 03:56:18.499 UTC [9485b7af] info [native] Bootstrapping via <a href=""></a>
2018-08-07 03:56:18.569 UTC [896018ef] info [native] Trying to flush async messages
2018-08-07 03:56:18.596 UTC [9485b7af] info [native] ... last message repeated 1 time ...
2018-08-07 03:56:18.596 UTC [9485b7af] info [native] Loading agent from '/opt/dynatrace/dynatrace-7.0/agent/downloads/one/agent/bin/'
PHP 7.1.12 (cli) (built: Dec 1 2017 13:53:12) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) 1997-2017 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.1.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2017 Zend Technologies

Anyone know how to avoid this Log info when perform PHP command on teminal (command line)

Thank you,

Domu Harahap