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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Oracle Service Bus (Java agent) MQ correlation


How do I get the MQ put() of the request message and the MQ get() of the response message to show up in a single PurePath tree? My expectation is that the
get() of the response message can somehow be included in the tree. Is this

Note that I’m not talking about bringing the producer and consumer of 1 message
together, but rather the request flow and response flow.

Request: CLIENT --http/rest (sync)--> OSB[7001] --mq put()--> [CICSAAASA queue]
--mq get --> CICS

Response: CICS --mq put()-->
[MAFAAASA queue] --mq get()--> OSB


  • OSB puts messages to CICSAAASA queue, and reads
    responses from MAFAAASA queue. The messages are text messages.
  • OSB connects to the MQ queue manager using tcp/client
  • Correlation by MQ Correlation ID: OSB generates and
    sets the CorrelationID on the request message, the CICS system sets the same
    value again on the CorrelationID of the response message.
  • The MQ MessageID of the request message is set to a
    fixed value; this was needed to make the solution work.


  • PP tree ends with the MQ put()
  • Another PP tree has 1 line with only MQ get()
  • Sequence
    diagram shows duplicate put() operations, one pointing to the right and one
    pointing to the left

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Wouter,

For your Dynatrace environment, can you please include for this question your Dynatrace MQ Correlation settings which can be found under the Dynatrace server settings. Also can you provide your version of dynatrace in your environment. This information will assist in addressing your question. Thanks!

Hi Nathan,

- Please find screenshot of the current MQ tagging config below. "Use Correlation ID for tagging" is checked, other 2 options are unchecked.

- Version of Dynatrace server is

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Wouter,

The Use Message ID for tagging is the default settings and we also using the Use Correlation ID for tagging and Use queue name for tagging.

We selected these additional tagging options when we were facing the correlation issues and the server log was drastically filling.

Can you try these options to check the result?



Hi Babar, please see the current MQ tagging setting in my other comment. I noticed that in my version of Dynatrace there is no checkbox for "Use Message ID for tagging", however I understand that Message ID is then always used implicitly.

Reading the docs on MQ tagging only the ability to combine producer and consumer of a message is addressed. I see no mentions of matching request and response message. Do you know if this is supported by Dynatrace?


Hello Wouter,

"Use Message ID for tagging" is selected by default and you can see in the client debug mode.

I had asked the similar question in the past, so you can find the answer from the @Kris Z. in the following link and might be helpful for you: