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Oracle measures do not show any application


maybe the answer to the question I am going to ask is obvious but I cannot figure it out. Can you give me a hint why I cannot see any Oracle measures gathered by Dynatrace? Do I miss something here? The the api uses hibernate to manage oracle connection - maybe I need to activate it first? If I navigate to metrics: Database monitoring - Oracle db monitoring, I pick any measure and try to add it to a chart, but it appears there is no data at all. What is strange it seems that on the transaction flow it shows it.



The Measures under Oracle Database Performs are generated by the Oracle database agent. They will show data only if you are using the database agent.

The transaction based DB measures can be found under Server Side Performance -> Transaction based Measures -> Database.

Thank you! That answers it as I do not think our guys configured it. It is not possible to filter transactional db measure by DB type or? Cause we use also Cassandra and REDIS.

In the database dashlet you can group by connection pools, to only get statements for a specific DB. For a measure you can only filter for a specific statement though.