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Out of memory issue happened on collector. Agents Instrumentation Disabled


Hello All,

Due to Out of memory issue in collectors agent instrumentation disabled.

Want to make collector ready ,before agent restart happens and getting instrumented with collector again

1. How to fix this

2. How to make sure it wont happen in future.

3.Can you please share sizing information.

4.Is it time variable. Can we predict when may it go out of memory.

Because application servers restart is not possible to fix instrumentation again

Thank you so much in advance.


Karthikayini M




FYI, ensure collectors are close to the agents. Switching in AppMon to use the OneAgent technology (right click on agent in agents overview to switch on the fly, hot change, no config change).

1. Restart process to have the agent connect once more. (N.b. assuming this host can reach your collector // check collector is in a healthy state as pre-req anyway in Start Center > deployment health > collector)

2. As above, switch to OneAgent tech, additionally ensure collector is close (in terms of latency) to monitored process.

3. Of course, observe in the best practices here.

4. You can check the memory as above start centre > deployent health > collector health. You will see in dynatrace system profile an alert is raised for this - ensure you are getting those incidents and taking action. I would advise a health check to make sure you are in a healthy state. You can get a seasoned dynatrace pro to perform this for you here.

Hope it resolves it for you,