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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

PHP agent name

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


In one same machine I have more than one instance from PHP (each one has its php.ini), all the instances of PHP will have:

the name given in the httpd.conf + [PHP<version>] + [N instance]

Is there some way to modify this name and give a more meaningful name per instance ?

(So in the example intead of apache-XXX[PHP5.6][2] -> apache-XXX[PHP5.6][Instance_Bla] )



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Feedback from support:
Basically the agent names for PHP and webserver agents are taken from the master agent, where the name is configured in <DT_HOME>/agent/conf/dtwsagent.ini. There is now the possibility to split the agents up to use different master agents (multiple instances) as documented here:

The extension [PHP...] is fixed - this cannot be changed.

The [index] extension can be removed as documented here:

So to have a different name for each PHP instance, is needed to have multiple Apache master agent instances.