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Passing a Tag



During our checkout redesign, our developers have changed the uri to be same for all the checkout steps which is /checkout. So when we go to purepaths everything is /checkout. It is hard to find out which step are we looking in. As a workaround we added a cookie and by looking at cookie we know which step we are in. But if we can pass a tag (like how we do for synthetic requests) for all the checkout pages then we can distinguish the names.  Any suggestions on this? Can we pass a tag like that for real user traffic? or any other route you guys can think of? 



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I assume that somewhere in your application logic you must have something that defines what step the user is in right now - correct? Might it be a parameter to the web request? or some method argument that gets passed to a method call? or a specific method that gets called? If you have ANYTHING on the PurePath that allows you to figure that out you can create a Business Transaction that e.g: Splits on the Value so you would get results for each individual "tag". The Cookie you explained would also be an option - but - I would first check with engineering how they internally know what step you are in. If they tell you you can configure dynaTrace to also capture that value and use it in a BT

Hi Andi, 

I am already doing the first method you have mentioned. Here is what I am doing - looking for a Method that is only called on a specific step and created a BT and i was able to chart each step as shown in Image1. But i have another BT where i am looking for all the checkout purepaths (image3) and doing an analysis (using the primary/secondary method). In that dashboard all i see is checkout as the purepath name (image2)




You can make the "Transactions" column visible in the PurePath dashlet. This will show you all BTs that match that PurePath. That may help you as you already have individual BTs for your individual steps