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Performance Warehouse - Data integrity exception


We used to have applications not grouped earlier and during that time i had created many measures and business transactions. However yesterday we did that clean up and moved all the default applications to specific folder.

Along with that we also enabled the compress option on all our collectors.

Since then, I notice most of my BTs or measures are not capturing data. And I also see some purepaths are missing using which i created those measures earlier.

Can anyone put some light on what might have caused this sudden drop in the business transaction or measure data since we grouped the applications and enabled the compress options on collectors.

I am getting the below exception since then.

Exception: Data integrity violation occurred see
attached message for details : SQL Operation: Cannot insert duplicate key row
in object 'dbo.dynamic_measure' with unique index 'uk_dynamic_measure'. The
duplicate key value is (3, 1, -A-L-L-, 3, 1, 21, 137, 1310, 0, 103, Execution
CPU Time Pruhealth, 0). caused an integrity violation

and below is the measures screenshot for your reference if that gives you any additional information.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I have seen a similar issue in the past and would suggest you open a support ticket to resolve this. What version are you running? I believe there are some Updates/Fix Packs for 6.1 that address an upper/lower case issue with application names that might be a factor in this issue.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Just to add to Dave's comment, another possible reason for this scenario is: If there are measures which have splitting parameter with more than 500 characters, then the hash computation value may become identical and the unique constraint violation occurs. Since it's the time of the year where you may be in a freeze and not able to update: as a temporary work around you can disable the automatic detection of applications like in the screenshot I have attached.screenshot.jpg


Hi all!

Regarding the data integrity violation, please have a look to this KB-article:

Best regards,


For info, this was fixed by removing an incorrect exclusion filter in the servlet sensor which was filtering out all the purepaths for a certain agent. This is why the BT stopped tracking data as there was no longer any purepaths. The option had been switched from "exclude these only" to "include these only" (the pattern matched nothing).


Hi All ,

We are facing similar issues in Dynatrace 6.5 .Do we have any solution for this .

Thanks & Regards,

Suganya Nedumaran