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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Performance Warehouse Migration from Oracle to MS SQL


Hi ,

We are planning to Migrating performance warehouse from Oracle to MS SQL . Is there any best practice to do that ? If so please suggest us.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


currently this is not supported in the sense that we don't provide any scripts or procedures for it (there should be tools out there that can migrate a database from Oracle to SQL Server, we're not using any complex stuff, so it should be relatively easy).

However, we're planning to support this with the next release (6.5), on a per-system-profile basis. Best regards,


Hi Peter,

Do we have the support for migration of PWH from MSSQL to Oracle in 6.5 ?

Thank You



Hi Sakthi,

yes, the feature is in 6.5 as a beta implementation. It works on a system profile basis and can be scheduled from inside the dynatrace client in debug mode.

We only have internal documentation so far, so please open a support ticket, we'll provide you with instructions (refer to this forum discussion if you wish).

To all who read this in the future, in 7.0 this feature will be standard and should be documented normally. Best regards,


Hi @Peter K.,

Has this feature now been added to the 7.0 documentation now? I went searching as this is a requirement for an upcoming migration but I couldn't find any clear instructions.


Hmm, we've not released it yet officially. I'll talk to PM how we should proceed, I'll let you know.

Please let us know what you found out.
Kind regards,

Joshua P.


Thanks a lot @Peter Karlhuber-Voeckl . And I have one more query. In case if we are going to merge two Dynatrace instances in to Single Instance in that case exporting if we merge PWH will it work??

In theory yes. The migration feature will be based on migrating data for specific system profiles, so the source dt server isn't that important, you just need to give it a source database server.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Since the release 6.5 there is a BETA feature which moves the existing data from one PWH to another. This is done per system profile as a configurable task.

Please see this knowledge base article. Mark this as answer if it is what you were searching for.