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Performance guides for thick client


Are there any guides on tunning of the thick client? I connect to 9 management servers and anytime I open dashlets with large amounts of data points (even if I limit the time to 5 mins) the client comes to a halt. I added heap and manually check the dtclient.ini to ensure the xmx value stays after client restart. I am not CPU or Memory constrained.and i checked the client log files and dont see anything odd,



The client for 7.1 performs poorly. I tested the new 7.2 EAP as well and submitted a bug together with ample documentation of noticeable UI delays. The development team was unable to reproduce, so I'm not sure if this is something unique to my location/environment or just not present at Dynatrace HQ.

I find it odd that new UI elements added in 7.1 are noticeably delayed (4+ seconds sometimes from click to response) but utilizing hotkeys brings up older UI elements that load nearly as quickly as they always did.

The problem is exacerbated by adding more servers to your client.