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Performance of redirect to a cloud application


Hello, is there any way though dynaTrace or UEM that we could measure the performance of a redirect to an external cloud web application from our dynaTrace/UEM-monitored application?  

We are doing a response.redirect through our in-house ASP.NET application to an external cloud web application.  dynaTrace/UEM is only running on our in-house ASP.NET application, and is not running against the external cloud web application.

We would like to monitor cases where the redirect either fails, or is very slow...  



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi. I think this is not possible in the moment without having some monitoring on the external cloud application. Response.Redirect is basically forcing the browser to redirect to a different URL via an HTTP 302. From that point on our JavaScript Agent on your page can't capture data any more as the browser is loading a total different app. You would need to work with the external cloud app to get some measurment for the URL Requests that come from your users. They should be able to analyze the Referer header - this will show them which requests come from your users