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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Performance value is?

The meaning of performance value and exec total , elapsed time different also?



Hi, in your case there it is Visually COmplete, see column next to it "performance metric".

This is since I think version 6.5 where you can specify the performance metric from purepath response time.

To find out what is set for yourself open the system profile and select User Experience and select the application. Observe in the action groups where you can set a performance metric there.

More here:

Hope it helps

Yep ^. Also for exec time that should be the total time executing methods in that PurePath and elapsed time is different in that it is a "timer" from the start of the PurePath. For instance if you see a method invocation with an elapsed time of 8 seconds and an execution time of 30 ms that means the method was called 8 seconds after the PurePath started (the first node in the PurePath tree) and took 30 ms to execute (thus it completed 8030 ms after the PurePath started).