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Pingdom not showing in visits

We use Pingdom as an external monitoring tool, I am not seeing the visits, check once a minute so I should be seeing a fair amount of traffic, below is how the http check is performed - could this be the reason dT is not picking up the visit?:

"The HTTP check is performed by a single GET request (the check does not fetch any dynamic content); that is the HTML code and header on your website (no images, flash, JavaScript etc)."




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Matt

If Pingdom only executes single HTTP Requests and no JavaScript then you wont be able to see their requests as UEM Visits. UEM Visits only show up for real users or synthetic requests that also execute our JavaScript agent. If Pingdom doesnt do that you wont be able to see it as visit.

For these HTTP-only monitoring tools its best to use our regular integration we offer for Monitoring and Load Testing Tools. Ask Pingdom to add the X-dynaTrace header which allows you to specify testname, step name, ... - once this HTTP Header is on the Pingdom requests you will see them in the Tagged Web Requests Dashlet. More information about the integration and this HTTP Header can be found here Integration with Web Load Testing and Monitoring Tools

An alternative would be to use a URL Monitor that supports executing JavaScript. We at Compuware offer a synthetic monitoring solution (formerly known as Gomez) that uses a real browser and with that also executes our JavaScript code. More information on that can be found here Compuware APM Synthetic Monitoring Integration


Hi Matt,

Yes, Pingdom and other HTTP-based tools like LoadRunner do not invoke our JavaScript agent, and hence do not track the User Experience data nor post it back to the /dynaTraceMonitor URI.  You would need a browser-based monitoring tool like Compuware's Gomez SaaS in order to get UEM data for your synthetic requests.

Rick B



Hi Matt

Why do you need to "see" the Pingdom requests?

From a more philosophical standpoint, they are not really UEM since there is no user that executes anything but merely a retrieval of data.

Hi Guys.. Thanks for the info.. tagged requests looks like the answer.

Why do I need to see them? Pingdom is giving some alerts, it's my feeling they are false (I think our IP blocking is kicking in or geo issues are causing false positives - you can not select what country pingdom tests from) so if I can see when we are not receiving the request and show the sites were getting other connections I can discount the alerts.

We do use Gomez already (smile)

Up time is critical and I haven't found a solution I feel gives a 100% accurate picture yet, we have very slim tolerances here so even a 2min outage can hit the figures badly. All I need is a single check to fail and I am having to explain myself to the powers that be (smile) A single check can make people believe the site was only available 99.96% etc!! I am using Gomez, Pingdom and now URL monitoring in dT.

Sorry to ramble!!

Hi Matthew,

Can you provide steps to integrate pingdom with Dynatrace. It would be very helpful for us.