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Plugin to monitor log files for App server - Oracle WebLogic



I would like to monitor log files on App server - Oracle WebLogic. I know there is a plugin 'Log File Scrapper' but it is only for Database log files.
Is there any plugin to monitor log files on different servers other than databases?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Have you seen this plugin before?

Dynatrace Community - Log File Monitor Plugin

It can work on both Linux and Windows, but it needs a simple database to store the data.

Let me know,


I was referring to the same plugin in my question. This plugin can monitor the log files which are only on databases of Windows/Linux but not any App server like Oracle WebLogic. Is my understanding is right?

The log files I want to monitor are not on a database.


Fortunately, you're wrong. 😃
You can monitor any log file at any directory in those systems. The Linux access is done through ssh, and windows through the same account that the collector service is run.

Give it a try when possible and let me know,


So for example if I am doing this for windows/linux and I specify host in Hosts section, what details do I need to provide in all database details?
Can I give just any database details here?
Is there any reason why we should give all db details when I am not monitoring log files on db?

The point regarding the DB is that the plugin uses the database specified at the config screen, to store the data that it captures. It is not related to monitor the/any database at all.

Also, from my experience the plugin doesn't seem to work if we don't specify a database to store the data that it captures.

Let me know!

Great! Thanks for deep explanation. I was thinking wrong all this time. So DB will just store the results but it has nothing to do with log files hosted server. Thank you.